Gas (12-2800 kW)

Burners made to operate with different types of gases (natural, liquid, bio). Performance meets the standards of emission class 3 of EN 676. Used for heating boilers, industrial applications or new installations.

Gas burners <1 MW are compliant with the EU norms about NOx emissions until 100 mg/kwh.

Burners with different operation models available (single, two-stage, modulating).

Dual fuel (280-2720 kW)

Operates with different types of gases (natural, liquid, bio). Can switch between oil or gas very fast, providing constant performance and security. The change can be done manually or remotely.

Prospect Gas & Dual

Diesel (12-2800 kW)

Oil burner low emissions according to EN 267 Emission Class 1, 2 and 3. Tested and approved for heating oil EL according to DIN 51 603. Different operation models available (single, two-stage).

Prospect Diesel

                              Universal (25-195 kW)

Multi-fuel burner suitable for many different oil types e.g.vegetable, animal and mineral oils. No conversion required, thanks to compressed air atomization technology.

Prospect Universal

Industrial (3-18 MW)

Designed for large capacity water or steam boilers with different types of fuels - gas(natural, liquid, bio), diesel, oil.

Single, two-stage and modulating operation modes available. Mechanical or eletrcical performance control with advanced options like O2 and CO control and frequency adjustments.

The body is mono-block or dual component design.

Light oil condensing boilers (7-250 kW)

Economical, environmentally friendly, comfortable – are the main characteristics of modern GIERSCH fired condensing systems. Precious heat that is wasted with old plant is almost fully utilized thanks to the new generation of GIERSCH-condensing furnaces and is re-used in the heating circuit.

Made for use with light diesel (EL) DIN 51 603. Stainless steel furnace with a vertical blue flame two-stage burner.